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Our Key Solutions for the Real Estate Industry

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Features built for scale

Each layer of our products works to close the loop between analytics and operations, empowering enterprise-wide decision optimization.


Data Integration

Secure, flexible and software-defined data integration — in hours, not months. We've codified 7+ years of data integration experience into our products to operationalize data at scale and pace.


Model Integration

Flexible integration (or registration) of models and business logic. Bring your own models, or build natively.



Self-serve analytics, operational application building, and workflows. By leveraging a common set of objects, actions and relationships, users can develop custom workflows or populate out-of-the-box applications at accelerated timescales.



Beyond a data model, the Ontology is an operating layer for the organization. An enterprise-wide digital twin of both data and models.

Products designed for the changing world of real estate.


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